For centuries ago, when Minecraft has no compass or any navigational tool yet. People are getting lost in there own worlds. Everyone needs a navigational tool right? Well, Minecraft is also making new navigational tools too! (Map, compasses). Everyone should know what a map is. Minecraft 1.7.8 now has a brand new map, which is an item. This Item doesn’t really help in finding your house right? And also every time we want to look at the map. We must equip it all the time. But now, those paper maps we won’t be needing them anymore. Because now we have the Zan’s MiniMap! Zan’s Minimap enables you to look at the map without equipping it! You also don’t need to waste your compasses to make one. This Zan’s MiniMap is a high definition map:

If you have been reading minecraftdl, you should know that we have a post about Minecraft’s AutoMap (check it out!). This mod can also be used on SMP server! What an awesome mod! Thanks to the developer of this mod(Zaneris). I recommend this mod to you so you won’t get lost in your world anymore!


Download Zan’s Mini Map Mod for the latet version

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