minecraft skin stealer

Easy Minecraft Skin Stealer and Viewer

Welcome to the Minecraft Skin Viewer aka. Minecraft Skin Stealer! Ever wanted to steal a players’ Minecraft Skin? Then you’re at the right place! With our easy tool all you need to do is enter the Username of the player and hit the Submit button! You can edit their skin, change it to your skin or download it directly and edit it with your program of choice!
Get Started now: Enter the Minecraft username you want to steal and/or view, then click ‘Submit’.

How to change your Minecraft Skin?

1. Go to profile page
3. Scroll down to the section: Change how you look in Minecraft
4. Select your skin type. You can choose the classic “Steve” player model, or the new “Alex” player model, featuring slimmer arms. You can download the template for each one below.
5. Select your skin with the Choose button.
6. Save changes! Enjoy playing with a new skin!

Where can I get free Minecraft Skins from?
You can choose from many free skins in our skin library we made for you! You can also search these websites offering minecraft skins: NovaSkin.me – www.minecraftskinstealer.com/


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