Want to make your Own Minecraft Bukkit Server 1.8?

Minecraft Bukkit Server 1.8 : This tutorial shows you how you can create your own Minecraft server for Minecraft version 1.8 so you can enjoy the new Minecraft 1.8 together with your friends . The Create a Minecraft Bukkit server is not really hard , and you should have made ​​it one or two times , it can be actually almost as in sleep . But you’re a reader of this article , it means that either you have no experience how to composing your Bukkit server , or you need the download link . This post is made ​​for both variants . Every beginner here is explained how to create their own Minecraft Bukkit server , but also the downloads are made available. But we stop with the talk, and start with the tutorial!

Minecraft Bukkit Server 1.8 Install Help & Tutorial

  • Download all files needed (Linked below)
  • Extract the .ZIP File with WinRar or 7Zip (Get WinRar here).
  • Start the Bukkit Server with the  “Start.bat” file.
  • Stop the server by entering from “stop ” in the console and confirm this with the ” Enter” key .
  • Open the “server.properties” file, and customize the settings to your linking with the commands“true” or “false”.
  • Now you can Start the Bukkit Server with the  “Start.bat” file again.
  • Congratulations, you’ve made ​​it! Your very own Bukkit server!!