Brewing Plus Mod 1.8/1.7.10

Brewing Plus Mod 1.8/1.7.10

Brewing Plus Mod adds a new way of creating potions in Minecraft. This mod also adds brand new potions into the game making it a better Minecraft with better potions!

How the Cauldron Works:

When a ingredient is brewed into the cauldron more than once, it can increase the duration or amplifier of the potion. If the same item is brewed into the cauldron over and over, a very powerful potion can be created. Each brewing ingredient requires a different temperature to be brewed into the cauldron. Be careful with how many ingredients you brew into the cauldron, because if you brew too many in negative effects may occur.

Mod Review Video:

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Brewing Ingredients and their effects:

  • Slime ball- Jump boost
  • Blaze powder- fire resistance
  • Nether wort- strength
  • Ghast tear- regeneration
  • Poisonous potato- poison
  • Magma cream- absorption
  • Sugar- swiftness
  • Rotten flesh- hunger
  • Soul sand- slowness
  • Flint- haste
  • Brick- mining fatigue
  • Glistering mellon- Instant health
  • Bone- Instant damage
  • Mushrooms- nausea
  • Iron ingot- resistance
  • Fish- water breathing
  • Golden carrot- invisibility
  • Pumpkin- blindness
  • Glowstone- night vision
  • String- weakness

How to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download the mod.
  • Go to %appdata%.
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • If the “mods” folder does not exist you can create one.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it.
  • Enjoy the mod.


For Minecraft 1.8:

For Minecraft 1.7.10:

This mod is created by:

  • Hooptiecoupe

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    • RuxPlay

      Can you stop spamming your website in the comments section? That would be nice, if you would like to become a partner or affiliate you should have taken a look at this link:

      This way of promotion is not tolerated.

      • Hooptiecoupe

        ah, thanks for commenting. I didnt realize this site was ACTUALLY being run by anyone 🙂 seems like most of the 1,2,3,4,5.. and so on minecraft sites are run by people jsut posting mods, for profit.
        NOT posting or giveing information on who made the mod, map or wher it came from.
        Thanks so much for saying something, its good to knwo someone really modderating the site. Are you the admin? or jsut a main contributer?

        • Hooptiecoupe

          I know for instance that 5minecraft…net
          is a KNOWN mod , map stealer who then add malware and spyware to the downloads.
          Have you had success with downloading from this site without those issues?

          • RuxPlay

            Yes, I’m actually the owner.
            To be honest I’ve had this name for a few years now since the mods are “For” (4) Minecraft, I noticed other sites suddenly just taking a random number and posting malware downloads. I actually never download of those sites.

          • Hooptiecoupe

            I’ll do more research on your site.
            And possibly help endorse it.

            As far as I know I believe this site is on a list of known sites that steal mods and mods. By using its own adfly links and not sending any of the profit back to the original maker

            Why didn’t your posts show the original link where you found this or the mod makers name?

            Also your site redirects me constantly to adware pages.

            As a user, that is very annoying.
            If you want people to stick around I would recommend changing that.

            When I get back home ill do more research on your site and see if its something I can endorse and support.

          • Hooptiecoupe

            Hey flux.
            We need to talk.
            I’m going to contact you thru your YouTube account later so we both know who were talking to

            You apper just be partnered up with this site. But from everything in finding. My research, you don’t appear to be the owner. You really shouldn’t lie its not a good way to start a relationship with a future sponsor

          • RuxPlay

            Urm Excuse me? Ofcourse I own this website. Why should I lie? What would that do for me? Feel free to contact me under and I will send you a reply.
            I’m pretty sure you didn’t research enough. I mean what did you search for?

          • Hooptiecoupe

            2 things…for starters…

            You don’t have mod or admin next to your name in this topic. Indicating you don’t have any control on deleting or blocking anyone. Meaning…your not the owner.

            You don’t mention this site as being owned by you in your videos.
            You mention this site as were you downloaded the stolen mods from.

            You mention fluxcraft or something like that as the site you own.

            Should I continue? Or do you want to continue lieing and lose out on a possible sponsorship by me?

          • RuxPlay

            I’ve added the Mod next to my name 🙂 And I usually don’t mention websites in my videos,

            but here is one with the links in my description:

            and here I mention the 4minecraft forums:

            If you somehow don’t beleve me why don’t you send a contact email or a tweet or even a facebook message? 🙂

          • Hooptiecoupe

            I see your the admin for forum.4minecraft along with..truxxx?

            But it really thows things off when it don’t show you and admin or mod for the disqus channel. And throws thing off further when you keep mentiong fluxplau but not 4minecraft in any of your older videos.

            So, my question to you then as owner is.
            Why do you not provide links for readers to Dowload the mod or map fro. The orginal location?

          • RuxPlay

            The thing I don’t understand is, why do you keep thinking I am lying to you? I don’t even own a channel called “Fluxplau”? I really don’t need to mention all my websites, specially not in videos that aren’t really related to the content? I’ve even linked 4minecraft on my YouTube Channels’ Website and keep posting it on the Google+ community. I really don’t understand why you would think that of me. I mean how would I be able to get the Email notifications of your spammy comments on my blog? I offered you to email the official contact email of so that you can verify that I work / own the website.
            I wasn’t moderator on disqus because I didn’t link my account to the main disqus commenting system since I always used the built in WordPress-Comments or the account “4minecraft” I simply wasn’t logged in to that account so I posted it with my normal account.

          • Hooptiecoupe

            If your read what I just posted above
            You’ll see why I assumed your not telling the truth. After you made yourself mod for the disqus I could see now that your not.

            I officially and public aplogize for calling you a liar.

            Now to be blunt.
            Why are you not providing links back to the mod makers orginal post where you got this information from?

            Why are the download links from your website and not from the mod makers dropbox or mediafire or adfly link?

            If your wanting to create a better mc community. Your not doing it in a good way by supporting these type of unethical practices

          • _DmacK_

            Your causing unwanted problems. Why do you continue at this when you obviously know your incorrect. I will politely ask you to stop and if this continues actions will be taken. Thank you.

          • Zack MC

            What Hooptie wants is for the owner to actually provide a link to where he found the mods. Not providing a link to the original post is theft and earning money from this is even worse. Unless you created the mod yourself, you shouldn’t be doing that.

          • _DmacK_

            Zack MC what Hooptie wants is a free ride to get his sorry excuse for a website popular. In other words he’s going to use other people’s work and effort to get members to join his site, which is a really crummy way to advertise. It is cheap, and should not be used. It’s twice as stupid just using Rux’s efforts and time to take a short cut and get just about the same without the time and effort. Your obviously supporting the wrong person.

          • Zack MC

            from what i know from the forums he only spammed you to get your attention

          • Zethnix

            I feel that you are beeing kidna mean, offensive and rude here. Rux have proven in many ways that he is the Owner of this site. And as this thread began with you spamming on other property. RuxPlay and others makes website’s to Help / Discuss / Share ideas etc to other people to make a community 😀 You are no Better than anyone else if you just go and spam your website! And why do you (With no idea who Ruxplay is) need to say that he is not the Owner? I feel that your comments was unnecessary as they did not help anyone. Discuss about the thread title or share any ideas. -.- *Hands down*

          • Hooptiecoupe

            Good point. But… Your obviously not reading the whole comment.

            It did not appear as if ruxplay was the owner for the reasons stated above.
            I see people fake being owner all the time dude.

            Also…now knowing he is the owner in asking a simple..blunt question that is rude and offensive to every mod maker at there.

            Why is rux NOT providing links to the original mod makers forum posts. Or websites? Why are the download links hosted on this website and not linked the orgibal location?

            The only answer is he is stealing mods for profit. Which is illegal. So am I being rude? Or am I being blunt?

            If flux truly wants to encourage and create a better mc community. He starting off the wrong way

          • RuxPlay

            Also I’m Owner / Admin on the Forums, so why do you think that I would be lying? Did you ever look at the forum?

          • Hooptiecoupe

            Would you like help making your reviews look less like your stealing mods fro. The makers? I don’t mind helping you out .
            You do know your website is on a list/application that many minecrafters are now using that prevents your website fro lm showing up in there search engine at all.

            I cam help you make your site better so you can get off that list. All ya gotta do is ask dude.

    • 4Minecraft

      Added my account “RuxPlay” to administrator on disqus.